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Lia is experienced in a variety of massage techniques to address the unique needs of the individual. What type of massage is right for you? Explore your options.

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Massage is for everyone. Treat your body the way you’d treat your dearest friend. It is, after all!

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Lia is a graduate of the Cortiva Institute of Massage Therapy, and is licensed in New Jersey and New York.

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From the Blog

10 Apr 2020

I miss you. And this distance is saving lives.

Posted in COVID-19

I miss my clients and our time together. I miss the personal exchanges we shared and a feeling of usefulness. But this distance is critical. It is saving lives. This distance holds the tension of opposites: the human need for touch and communion and the danger of touch and communion. Both are true now. We […]

20 Mar 2020

Simple care for your nervous system

Posted in Self care, Wellbeing

Here is something kind to do for your nervous system today. Sit down with a pen and a piece of paper. Close your eyes and just feel your body for a moment. When you open your eyes, continue to feel your body and begin to draw one continuous line without planning or thinking. (It is […]

15 May 2019

What we need is to be seen and heard

Posted in Wellbeing

Your body has things to say. I am here to listen. We have all been to see a doctor in a state of distress with hopes that we will be heard and helped. Yet I know I have left many such appointments feeling invisible and alone. Sometimes a lack of attentive presence when I am […]


What Lia's customers are saying.

  • John H., Brooklyn, NY

    She healed my lower legs. Her touch is incredibly sensitive and she listens very specifically to where the tension is. Highly recommend!

    - John H., Brooklyn, NY
  • Rachel B., Brooklyn, NY

    Lia is amazing. Go see her.  She helped me through choreographer Sarah Michelson’s process and show. She is super sensitive and strong and her work is very detailed. She did some awesome things in my lower legs/ankles/feet. Really deep amazing work. I’ve learned so much lying on her table. I highly, highly recommend her!

    - Rachel B., Brooklyn, NY
  • Amy B., New York, New York

    Lia makes my body feel whole again. I come to her with muscles that feel so angry and inflamed that it seems they are separate beings from the rest of my body, and Lia manages to work everything back into its proper place. Her work is exactly what I need each time I see her, and she is always able to find sticky spots I didn’t even know I had. I could not possibly speak more highly of Lia’s sensitive and energetically spot-on work. I would go to her over any other type of body work any day, and I recommend literally everyone I know to her.

    - Amy B., New York, New York
  • Timothy H., Brooklyn, NY

    Lia is always completely welcoming and professional. She works insightfully, sensitively, attentively and with surprising, efficient strength. Very recommended!

    - Timothy H., Brooklyn, NY
  • Dave B., Brooklyn, NY

    Lia has done more for my well being than any other practitioner I have ever seen.  Her ability to isolate and treat the source of the pain that I have in my arms and shoulders demonstrate her detailed understanding of trigger points and referred pain.  Many lesser therapists simply attack the symptoms; Lia will go after the source.  My work as a drummer introduces a lot of stress into my body and I wouldn’t be able to stay as focused without Lia.

    - Dave B., Brooklyn, NY

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