28 Jul 2017

New pricing

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Dear Valued Clients, Until now I have been able to maintain my original fees, but as my expenses have grown over time that has become increasingly difficult. At this point I find it necessary to increase my rates somewhat in order to continue to provide massage therapy to my clients. New pricing is as follows: […]

14 Nov 2016

Introducing Brilliant Feminine Massage

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“I have to believe that caring for myself is not self indulgent. Caring for myself is an act of survival.” ~Audre Lorde Our femininity is vital and sacred. I want to help you attend to your essence–your body–to hold all your fiery power within and burst through the world like the beautiful beast you are. […]

17 Dec 2014

Massage Editorial in the NY Times

Massage Editorial in the NY Times

Jessica Wolf wrote a very personal story about the emotional benefits of massage for the New York Times last month. While massage therapists are not psychotherapists and should never act as such, massage can illuminate the synthesis of mind and body.

10 Dec 2014

The best resolution you can make for 2015

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This year, instead of resolving to impose more control on your life or change your appearance or work harder (ahhh!),  resolve to love yourself more. I can’t help how corny that sounds. But it isn’t. It’s the most important and, for some of us, the most difficult thing to do. When we truly love ourselves […]

27 Jan 2014

When Your Back Aches, Blame Your Front

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When Your Back Aches, Blame Your Front

It’s part of the modern condition– a tight and painful neck and shoulders due to hours hunched over one of countless devices. Although your best instinct is to stretch and rub those screaming traps, you wont get far without a deep and frequent stretch and release of your pectoral (or chest) muscles. When you sit […]

3 Jan 2014

Benefits Of Massage – It’s Science!

Benefits Of Massage – It’s Science!

Last year, the New York Times reported on a study done by the Touch Research Institute on the effectiveness of massage therapy in reducing inflammation and pain.  They went straight to the muscle fibers and found the proof.  Republished from nytimes.com: A massage after vigorous exercise unquestionably feels good, and it seems to reduce pain […]