Lia Bonfilio Massage Therapy

Massage is for everyone.  I love to say that, because although it might sound trite, it really is the simple truth.  Our bodies are incredible machines that benefit greatly from the right kind of maintenance.   Using techniques that are designed to your specific physical needs, proper massage therapy can provide relief that no other treatment can offer.

For many of us, our bodies are sometimes friend, sometimes foe, and often a downright mystery. What should I look like? Feel like? How should I move? Why do I have pain? What will aging be like? It’s no revelation that the common brain is regularly inundated with messages supporting body control, body fear, and sometimes even body hatred.

But massage can put our brains in touch with our bodies in a whole new way.  Our bodies simply are. They exist to give form to the energy inside of us. Your body is right and true and beautiful and just what it needs to be RIGHT NOW!

Take good care of it. Treat your body the way you’d treat your dearest friend. It is, after all!

Want to get started with massage therapy?  Contact me, learn more about rates, or explore the different modalities I offer that can be included in your treatment program.  I look forward to meeting you!